a new collaborative model in hospital based caregiver support

In 2016, Momcology piloted a new in-hospital support program in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) psychosocial team. Parents were invited to participate in agenda-driven sessions to explore recurring obstacles and coping strategies for childhood cancer families in a safe peer guided environment with professional hospital psychosocial support in attendance. Our piloted program was a success, and both the participants and medical professionals involved highly benefited from the sessions.

In 2017, Momcology continued the programming at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and simultaneously launched a group at Levine Children’s Hospital as Phase II of new program development. Both CHOP and Levine began running the same caregiver support group program and agendas through Momcology, in this new cross-institutional and collaborative psychosocial program.

In early 2019, Phase III was launched by expanding to Seattle Children's and Children's Hospital of Colorado. Caregiver benefits have included; highly increased participation in hospital support groups, families feeling connected to an active and engaged community, a new platform to share existing hospital family support programs, professional presentations of evidenced-based curriculum, and a forum that better supports open communication about the needs and desires of patient families that are an integral part of the hospital ecosystem. Through participation in the program, caregiver attendees have reported improvements in:

Emotional Wellbeing


Physical Health

Family Functioning

Results based on participant surveys created by Momcology and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Surveys were distributed to program attendees at participating locations over two years.

We look forward to continuing to build upon and expand this program with pediatric cancer hospitals and psychosocial professionals throughout the country. If you are a medical professional or a parent interested in acquiring more information to present to your hospital, please fill out the form below. We would love to connect.  

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