about us

we build community

Momcology is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to extending the benefits of community by providing reciprocal (mutual giving and receiving) peer support models for childhood cancer families. We provide modern and intuitive national platforms for primary caregivers to connect with each other, support one another, seek current and timely information, and begin the long-term healing process after a childhood cancer diagnosis through a strong, resilient and educated peer support community. Momcology was formed to help bridge the gap of isolation and loneliness any parent feels once their child is diagnosed with cancer. We are a contemporary community. We thrive and grow because the members of our community believe in the connections that are being made and the emotional support provided by being with others who truly understand and can provide support and value, to life after diagnosis. Momcology is known for conducting our services with integrity, actively seeking collaboration, and creating new out-of-the-box interventions to better support families affected by pediatric cancer on a national (and international) scale. Together, we are on the front lines of childhood cancer, and when you find yourself in this unfortunate space, peer support matters. 

our mission

Our mission is simple: To help empower and heal pediatric cancer families through the resource of peer support. We believe that community is much more than belonging to something, but about doing something together that makes belonging matter. Momcology remains committed to continuing to identify gaps in the pediatric cancer caregiver paradigm, and creating intuitive, responsible and impactful solutions to better serve our community with the most accessible resources available. We identify needs, and innovate new solutions through thoughtful peer-based programs and meaningful collaborations with other mission-based pediatric oncology organizations and hospital psychosocial teams. We believe connection provides the opportunity to transform pain into purpose.

our background

Momcology was founded in 2011, by moms, with one goal: To find new and creative ways to reduce the feelings of isolation for primary caregivers of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer while simultaneously accelerating caregiver information sharing through a robust national network of parents. What started as casual get-togethers in the basements of local Minnesota mom's homes, while the children were tucked in bed, soon became a national grassroots movement fueled by the need to connect for ongoing and long-term peer-to-peer support after a childhood cancer diagnosis. Through integrating modern connecting technology with real-time information sharing, Momcology has become both the peer and professionally recommended resource for responsible online and in-person peer social support and has inspired countless new connecting efforts. Although our logo, reach and mission has transformed and expanded over the years, the evidence of our roots remain in the deep colors chosen (wine and gold) to symbolize our foundation ignited by the bond formed, and awareness created, through the understanding and support between mothers of children diagnosed with cancer. Today, Momcology has reached over 8,500 families and the connections and friendships made, information shared, and events held, have become an integral part of the cancer caregiver story and continues to transform life after diagnosis for many families who find us. We are proud of our roots, and excited to continue to develop impactful new programming for families to feel the value and healing benefits of reciprocal peer support.

Numbers matter

Having a large population to seek information and connect to is important.  Our national platforms allow parents to connect anywhere, and at anytime, with other parents who have traveled a similar path.  Finding parents with similar interests, backgrounds or treatment stories can be difficult within a local hospital or treatment area.  Momcology has been able to effectively utilize modern and accessible social media platforms to enable parents to find important lines of support across the world with just a few keystrokes.  Momcology currently connects over 200 families per month to our secure, moderated and guideline-based online support. Momcology has built a much needed community, and we are now creating the wrap-around programs most needed to support this growing population of hurting parents.  Families are seeking community and peer support, and Momcology has become the modern solution.

what we do

  • Build community
  • Thought leaders in active and meaningful collaboration
  • Create programs and resources to cope,and help caregivers effectively manage life after a childhood cancer diagnosis
  • Foster resiliency through peer support and pychoeducational tools
  • Provide platforms and programs to bring purpose to our pain through helping others

our programs

  • Moderated and guideline based peer support communities via social networking
  • National restorative retreats
  • Hospital peer-to-peer support group programs in collaboration with psychosocial teams
  • Caregiver wellness tools and interventions
  • Creation and distribution of caregiver research and patient advocacy opportunities
  • Research fundraising through collaboration for Children’s Oncology Group
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Selfcare gifting
  • Local connecting events

we are highly collaborative

“Helping children and families is the priority, collaboration is the strategy”

Our valued partners have helped us to expand our mission of collaborative and localized peer support. Together, we are building a new standard of care for pediatric cancer families.