Caregiver Research

Help others by sharing your experiences

Researchers from all over the world want to learn more about family experiences after a childhood cancer diagnosis.  Momcology believes in connecting families to these opportunities as another form of peer support for future families diagnosed with pediatric cancer.  Because of the willingness of our member base to give back to caregiver research, we have effectively been able to fill participant requirements in highly accelerated timeframes as a service to childhood cancer researchers.

Momcology will facilitate distribution of carefully vetted studies and patient advocacy opportunities through both email and appropriate social media channels. Each Momcology participant is asked to opt in or out of research or patient advocacy opportunities on their Momcology Membership Application. Momcology will always act with the utmost integrity and respect for privacy and confidentiality as it pertains to member data. Momcology will also conduct our own research from time to time to best address the needs of our patient family population. All Momcology Research initiatives will be developed with our professional advisory board and under the advisement of qualified medical professionals.

Each study officially posted or distributed by Momcology must meet the following requirements:

  • Momcology has had direct communication with the principal researcher and the study must be IRB approved.
  • Momcology has reviewed the study in its entirety to make sure it is in the best interest of our community.
  • The researcher(s) behind the study have agreed to release study findings to Momcology for distribution within our community.
  • The researcher(s)will name Momcology as a recruitment resource, community partner and/or collaborator in study publications.