Refer families

"How can I meet other families?"

This commonly asked question can be a difficult question to answer for medical professionals due to patient privacy and HIPAA laws.  

Referring patient families to Momcology is an easy way for us to start the connecting process for you.  Here are two easy ways to start:

  1. Simply send families to to fill out our online membership application. Our application is simple and lets us know exactly how the patient family would like to connect.  They will also read through our support group guidelines and become more familiar with our organization and all of our support programs right away. Filling out a membership application and having a Facebook account is required to join Momcology online support.
  2. Request Momcology brochures for your clinic or hospital.  We are very happy to send out a packet of tangible information right to your social worker or the appropriate contact. We typically send out social worker packages several times throughout each month. Many hospitals include Momcology brochures in new patient family toolkits. Please fill out this request form below and let us know exactly what materials you need,and when you would like to receive them.  

FAQ’s: Medical Professionals

Momcology has been recognized as a valuable resource by these outstanding pediatric oncology organizations for medical professionals. Momcology has also exhibited at the following conferences through invitation to share our programs and services with the members of each organization.