replacing isolation with community

Momcology is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to extending the benefits of community by providing reciprocal peer support models for families affected by childhood cancer. We provide modern and intuitive national platforms for primary caregivers to connect with each other, support one another, seek current and timely information, and begin the long-term healing process after a childhood cancer diagnosis through a strong, resilient and educated peer support community. Establishing a supportive peer community is an important piece to navigating life after a childhood cancer diagnosis by both giving and receiving support. Momcology has filled this gap in care through creating both online and in-person peer programs.


Peer support matters

Primary caregiver emotional health has a direct impact on the wellbeing of the child. Many parents internalize the stress of balancing life and family after diagnosis, leaving the entire household feeling isolated, exhausted and broken. Momcology has found a way to minimize these feelings through providing positive and restorative environments of peer social support for parents. Families are seeking community, and Momcology successfully connects over 200 childhood cancer families to our active and engaging communities and events each month. Many families communicate feelings of relief and hopefulness after incorporating new friendships as a result of childhood cancer into their lives.


purpose to the pain

We believe one of the most simple, and most effective ways for a parent to bring purpose to their own pain after experiencing the trauma associated with childhood cancer, is simply by helping someone else through it. This concept is the foundation for all Momcology programs. We provide the opportunity and space for parents to reflect on their own experiences, learn from others, identify personal self-care strategies, and explore opportunities to make meaningful contributions back to the pediatric cancer community. Together, we can change the way a pediatric diagnosis feels.


Filling Gaps & Transforming Lives

Started as a connecting project in 2011, Momcology was created by moms, for childhood cancer families to fill psychosocial and emotional gaps in the post diagnosis care continuum through organized and responsible peer support. Because our online environments are moderated, active, and extremely responsive, we are able to quickly identify care gaps and create solutions to meet the most urgent needs that are uncovered. We remain committed to referring families to the best resources available, encouraging constant communication with professional primary care teams, creating innovative in-person programs to meet both new and existing needs, putting the best interest of our families first, and never duplicating existing efforts. We operate under the philosophy that together, we are better.


We collaborate

We believe in partnering with many childhood cancer-focused nonprofits, organizations, and stakeholder institutions from around the world through mutual collaboration to further existing missions and help families affected by pediatric cancer feel more supported by the efforts of many. Our goal is never to compete, but to complement, support and strengthen the existing missions of our partners. From our community-building efforts, to support programs, awareness, caregiver research, and patient advocacy, Momcology is committed to the concept that children and families are the priority, and collaboration must be the strategy. We are grateful to our partners who share in our philosophy and vision.